Westmoreland County Head Start Programs

Seton Hill Child Services, Inc.

Website: www.shchildservices.org
Contact:Elisa Brady
Position:Executive Director
Email: elisa@shchildservices.org
Address:223 South Maple Avenue
Suite 221
Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone:(724) 836-0099 Ext. 211
Fax:(724) 836-1346
County: Westmoreland
Federally Funded HS Children: 139
Federally Funded EHS Children: 75
State Funded Supplemental Children: 0
HS By County: Westmoreland 139
EHS By County: Westmoreland 75
Enrollment Contact:Andrea Mogle
Email: andrea@shchildservices.org
Oral Health Contact:Marcie Banze
Email: marcie@shchildservices.org
Phone:724-836-0099 Ext. 221

Seton Hill Child Services (SHCS) provides full day, full year center-based Head Start. We have 5 centers throughout Westmoreland County. All centers are certified by the PA Dept. of Human Services and participate in Keystone Stars Quality Initiative.

SHCS provides Early Head Start services for 32 children in center-based, year round programs in our New Kensington Jeannette and Greensburg Centers. We partner with Westmoreland Community Action to provide home-based services for 43 infants and toddlers throughout Westmoreland County.

Westmoreland Community Action

Website: www.westmorelandca.org
Contact:Tammy Patterson
Position:Director of Children's Services
Email: tpatterson@westmorelandca.org
Address:226 South Maple Avenue
Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone:(724) 834-1260
Fax:(724) 834-4863
County: Westmoreland
Federally Funded HS Children: 480
Federally Funded EHS Children: 43
State Funded Supplemental Children: 90
HS By County: Westmoreland 480
EHS By County: Westmoreland 43
Supplemental By County: Westmoreland 90
Enrollment Contact:Reception Desk
Phone:724-834-1260 Ext. 350
Oral Health Contact:Mila Schall
Email: mschall@westmorelandca.org

Westmoreland Community Action(WCA) has operated the Head Start Program for over 40 years. The grant is awarded to the County Commissioners and passed through to WCA. From a small summer program it has grown to serve 520 federally funded children and 90 state funded children. In addition, WCA delegates full day, full year services for 178 children to Seton Hill Child Services, Inc.
The program offers 4 and 6 hour days operating 4 days per week based on a school year calendar.
The Early Head Start Program is a home based program.

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