Wayne County Head Start Programs

Scranton-Lackawanna Human Dev. Agency, Inc.

Contact:Ann Lynady
Position:Acting Project Director
Email: alydon@headstartslhda.org
Address:321 Spruce St.
Scranton, PA 18503
Phone:(570) 963-6633
Fax:(570) 496-7713
Counties: Pike, Wayne, Lackawanna, Susquehanna
Federally Funded HS Children: 717
Federally Funded EHS Children: 160
State Funded Supplemental Children: 480
HS By County: Susquehanna 62, Lackawanna 559, Wayne 72, Pike 24
EHS By County: Susquehanna 5, Lackawanna 77, Wayne 54, Pike 24
Supplemental By County: Susquehanna 88, Lackawanna 239, Wayne 102, Pike 51
Enrollment Contact:Erin Griguts
Oral Health Contact:Donna Redmon
Email: dredmon@headstartslhda.org

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