Adams County Head Start Programs

A.C.C.E.S.S., Inc.-Adams County H.S.

Contact:Jennifer Showers
Position:Acting Director
Address:PO Box 3757
705 Old Harrisburg Road, Suite 5
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone:717-337-1337 Ext. 222
County: Adams
Federally Funded HS Children: 216
Federally Funded EHS Children: 0
State Funded Supplemental Children: 0
HS By County: Adams 216
Enrollment Contact:Kayla Fake
Phone:717-337-1337 Ext. 228
Oral Health Contact:Johnnie Shindledecker
Phone:717-337-1337 Ext. 238

The Mission of Adams County Head Start is to provide an environment where income eligible children and their families are safe, enriched, and empowered. Opportunities will be provided to children and their families to build self esteem, enhance strengths, stimulate creativity, and promote self sufficiency. Together we can shape the future!

Adams County Head Start serves 216 children in 12 classrooms scattered throughout the county. Classrooms operate 5 hours/day. All classrooms are on a 172 day schedule that generally runs late August through mid-May. Transportation services are provided to some classrooms. Enrollment is ongoing and applications are available at the central office at 705 Old Harrisburg Road or by calling 717-337-1337 or 1-877-777-1550. Applications are also available at any classroom or from any staff member. Many community agencies and school districts also have applications available.


Contact:Holly Strait
Position:PA/NJ Senior Executive Director
Address:1625 N. Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102
Counties: Adams, Berks, Carbon, Franklin, Chester
Federally Funded HS Children: 598
Federally Funded EHS Children: 0
State Funded Supplemental Children: 30
HS By County: Chester 115, Franklin 58, Carbon 250, Berks 115, Adams 60
Supplemental By County: Chester 0, Franklin 0, Carbon 30, Berks 0, Adams 0
Oral Health Contact:Tracie Mercado

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