Thank you for Becoming an Exhibitor for the 2019 PHSA Annual Conference!

Please read all of these instructions/helpful tips before you begin registering to avoid having any issues.


  • Please make sure you have the time to fill out the registration in 1 sitting (it should only take about 5-10 minutes).  You will NOT be able to save your registration in the middle and return at another time.
  • Know what items you are going to purchase as an Exhibitor before you begin (sponsorship, regular table registration, additional tables, extra meal packages, advertisement).  You must click a quantity for everything you want to purchase on the first page of registration and will not be able to go back and add/change your selections without starting over. You may purchase things separately under another transaction later if you need to.
    •  Decide if you would like to be a sponsor for the Conference.  Sponsors get a minimum of 1 table included in their sponsorship (depending on the level).  If you are sponsoring the event you may not need any addition registrations.  If you want more than 1 table with your sponsorship you may choose the “Additional table” ticket and how many you want. Remember, each additional table come with an additional meal plan so you may not need to purchase more meals!
    • Decide if you would like to have an advertisement in our Conference book.  Sponsorship’s come with certain sizes but you may purchase an ad without getting a sponsorship!  Images for the ad are NOT due at the time of registration.
    • Additional meal packages are needed for each additional staff person not included in the original table purchase or purchase of additional tables.  If you have 1 table and 3 staff, you will need to add 2 “Additional Meal Packages” on the first page.

Apply Here!

If you have any questions or concern, please contact Carrie at (717)526-4646 x:200 or