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Teaching Strategies is proud to work with the Pennsylvania Head Start Association and early education providers in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to make quality early education a priority! 

PHSA Membership Benefits:

As part of a partnership with Teaching Strategies, PHSA member programs will receive a discounted rate on their annual subscription agreement for Teaching Strategies GOLD® at the price of $11.95 per child portfolio, a savings of up to $10.00 per child.

PHSA will receive a partner benefit for every child portfolio purchased from a member program, which will support our ongoing advocacy efforts.

Teaching Strategies and PHSA will develop a training plan for Teaching Strategies GOLD® based on Teaching Strategies’ current professional development offerings that will include regional trainings for teachers, directors, and other administrators.

When you order or renew a subscription to Teaching Strategies GOLD® , be sure to mention that you are a PHSA member. Please let PHSA know if you have any questions about this partnership.

To learn more about or to order Teaching Strategies GOLD® , please visit the Teaching Strategies Web site or contact the Teaching Strategies representative for your region:

Heather Wiederstein