Head Start History Videos:

This video is brief overveiw of Head Start history (8 mins).  It was made by NHSA for Head Start’s 45th birthday.

Video  The History of Head Start by Dr. Edward Ziglar

Edward Zigler Director, Emeritus, Center in Child Development & Social Policy. Dr. Edward Ziglar discusses the history of Head Start in his keynote address to the Mid-west Research Institute.


“A Brief History of Head Start”

“A History of Changes in Head Start” B. Haxton

“Head Starts’ Legislative History”
Reference: National Head Start Association. (2005). Head Start: The Nation’s Pride…Celebrating 40 Years of Success. Alexandria, Virginia: Author.

“Tom Levin and Polly Greenberg’s Reflections on the Rise and Demise of the Child Development Group of Mississippi” 


“Head Start Debates” by Edward Zigler (Editor), Sally J. Styfco (Editor)

“Project Head Start: A Legacy of the War on Poverty. Second Edition” By Edward Zigler (Editor) Out of Print

“Something Better for My Children: How Head Start Has Changed the Lives of Millions of Children” by Kay Mills