Extend your PHSA Conference experience by attending one of our pre-conference sessions!

Each year the PHSA Conference Planning Committee organizes a number of pre-conference sessions. The goal of a pre-conference session is to provide attendees with a longer (approximately 4 – 7 hours), more in-depth opportunity to explore content beyond what can be done in a typical 1.5 or 3 hour conference workshop. Pre-conference sessions take place the day before the opening day of our Annual Conference at the same location and target subject matter  that the PA Head Start/Early Head Start community has indicated is particularly relevant to their work.

2017 Pre-Conference Sessions

The PHSA Program Committee is proud to offer 2 Pre-Conference Sessions on Tuesday, April 17th.

The Impact of Trauma

This full day session covers the foundations of trauma and self-care for helping professionals.

Download the flyer here Register for the Impact of Trauma Pre-Conference here

Farm to Early Care: Connecting Families & Communities to Fresh Food

This session includes the basics of farm to early learning, a field trip to see farm to early care activities in person and a panel discussion with providers who are already implementing farm to early care in their program

Download the flyer here Register for the Farm to Early Care Pre-Conference Session